Stay-On 60 Capsules Maruti Herbal

Stay-On 60 Capsules Maruti Herbal
Stay-On 60 Capsules Maruti Herbal Stay-On 60 Capsules Maruti Herbal
Brand: Maruti Herbal
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Stay on capsules

Effect of Stay On

Stay On promises to revitalize the private life of any person in a very short span of time. The competitive world that we are seeing today demands too much stress and more often than not the result is a problem with physical intimacy. Perfect and complete physical relationship is vital not only for maintaining a strong relationship but also to maintain health and manage any sort of mental problems. However, it is the same thing that is becoming problematic. The problem may also stems from some issues not related to stress and work pressure. Stay On capsule claims to treat all ailments related to this.One positive thing about Stay On capsule is its ingredients. It is made of Ayurvedic stuffs which ensure that there should not be any additional problem.

Side Effects

The main problem with these types of capsules is possible side effects. Being an Ayurvedic product, Stay On doesn’t exhibit any side effects like that of other products of similar category. However, the biggest problem with Ayurvedic products is the inherent chance of becoming a slave of those products. We always hear news about this. If you start to use Stay On capsule on regular basis then there is high possibility that you WILL HAVE to rely on this for your whole life for making physical relationship.

Indications :

  • Revitalize you.
  • Enhance your overall performance
  • Build Self-esteem and confidence
  • Mending premature (early & sudden) ejaculation.
  • increasing the extent of orgasm.
  • Augmenting libido.Enhancng vitality, vigor and stamina.
  • Increasing the lenth & size of penis

Dosage :

1 to 2 capsules twice a day. Preferably with milk.


Safed musli , jaiphal , ashwagandha satva , gokh satva , taalamkhaana, beejband, salampanja, utigan, shilajit, jaaypatti, akarkara,bang shasam, ginseng

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